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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Revised birth plan

I am in labour.

I have just received feedback for my first draft. It was positive. Things are looking good and if there are no further complications I should give birth to a healthy baby thesis by Easter (4 months later than anticipated but most first-borns do keep you waiting).

Currently I am experiencing pre-labour. I can see the end of my (very) long pregnancy, the promise of a new life, and the excitement of a new addition to my family name. I'm ignoring the pages and pages of minor corrections and concentrating on the word 'minor'. 

Tomorrow, is active labour.

But today! Today I revise my birth plan. I plan to work five days a week for 28 days. My kids won't get sick and my computer WILL NOT break. My husband (Sam) will continue to hold my hand and rub my back. We can begin to imagine our new life where (first world) creature comforts are no longer sacrificed in the name of a thesis. I already have a job lined up for Easter Tuesday and we are going to ENGLAND for Christmas!
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Today I am going to sit down and plan my attack. One . page . at . a . time. I am going to contact the Dean's secretary to ensure his signature finds its way to my paperwork on time. I am going to ring my editor.

I've had two kids on this PhD journey. I know things rarely go to plan but this baby is coming out one way or another by 17th April. Sam, just don't stand in hitting distance for a while because...

Tomorrow, the real pain starts.