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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

An open apology to Twitter

Publication in the academic world is very hard but necessary. How are you supposed to get your ideas out while bashing on the tightly shut iron door of the academic journal?

I have finally bitten the bullet, practiced my preaching and joined the "life world" of the tech savvy academic (yes, I will have a Twitter feed). 

For years I have looked at social media through the eyes of my high school students. They see the digital world as mundane. They hate blogging and Twitter and love Facebook and YouTube. I derided the "luddites" that thought students would love a lesson plan because they were blogging and got to use a computer (it is still journal writing). I smirked at PowerPoints as glorified OHTs and started using Prezi (a glorified OHT that whooshes).

Today I humble myself and join the ranks of those that feel blogging and Twitter are useful; and they are. They are the social media tools that get your information out there. Literal online networking. Admire someone's work? Follow them on Twitter. Maybe they will notice you.

It is ridiculous that I have sat here for three years researching social media without employing it to it's full potential.

So maybe I'm just not yet good enough to get published in the hallowed tomes of academic writing but I will get there with practice.

Meantime, I reckon I mash together a pretty mean Facebook post so I'm sure I can play with a blog and reduce my characters for Twitter. I'll launch myself into the belly of online networks. I'll be the squeeky groupie on the rock-geek lecturers' blogs. I will form a deep and intimate relationship with Twitter. 

I will be heard!


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere Naomi! I hear you! All the best with Twitter, I'm still trying to endear myself to tweeting. So far I'm finding it a lonely place, unlike my blog...

    1. Thanks Caitlin. I feel the sam about Twitter. Its not very relational. Its more about gathering information. I decided to use it for it's strengths and conduct relationships on Facebook.