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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The real reason for writing a blog

1. PhDs and travel snaps have a lot in common. Everyone is interested but no one wants to sit through hundreds of photographs of beaches and waterfalls. Just as Facebook and Flickr have become our salvation from the dreaded slide show, this blog will become the online depot of stories I am itching to tell. Read or ignore at your will.

2. Write often. Write everyday. Sometimes it is just hard to methodology this and theoretical framework that on a daily basis. Brains just need a break. Children need to be cuddled, fed and bathed. Husbands need to be kissed and reminded they exist. Blogs are short and quick.

3. Sometimes I cannot help but tell a story. People, not machines, write dissertations. Life exists outside the technicalities. This blog is the place for those stories. So when I feel a story coming on, blog it.

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